“One of the best kept secrets in Singapore’s music scene

has to be concerts by The Sing Song Club,

the nation’s premier exponent of the art song.”

The Straits Times, 29 September 2015

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We are indeed blessed and thankful for the many positive reviews of our recitals. These are some of the quotes from the reviews. Click on the links for more details.


Singapore Lieder Festivals

6th Singapore Lieder Festival 2016 – Most Heavenly music of the Spheres!


Most Heavenly Music of the Spheres with Daniel Fong, Cherylene Liew, Shane Thio, Ng Sheh Feng, Adrian Poon and Yap Shin Min


‘Sing Song Club co-founder tenor Adrian Poon sang in 10 songs. His mellow, natural and unforced voice was ideal for songs with flowing lyrical lines, such as Martin Shaw’s I Know A Bank (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and Patrick Doyle’s Sigh No More, Ladies (Much Ado About Nothing).’

‘Soprano Cherylene Liew’s exquisitely poised voice accounted for Hugo Wolf’s Lied Des Transferierten Zettel (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, sung in German), Ernest Chausson’s Chanson D’Amour (Measure For Measure, French) and Haydn’s She Never Told Her Love (Twelfth Night, English), which provided further contrasts.’

‘Baritone Daniel Fong was given the honour of opening the recital, where a nice boomy glow to his voice graced Glen Roven’s I To The World (Comedy Of Errors) and Schubert’s Was Ist Sylvia? (Two Gentlemen Of Verona).’

‘The songs for multiple voices included Frederick Keel’s You Spotted Snakes (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) with soprano Yap Shin Min and mezzo-soprano Ng Sheh Feng, Liza Lehmann’s How Sweet The Moonlight (The Merchant Of Venice) and George Shearing’s Fie On Sinful Fantasy (Merry Wives Of Windsor). Bob Chilcott’s Come Unto These Yellow Sands (The Tempest) closed the delightful evening with three women’s voices in the brightest of spirits.’

Review: Most Heavenly Music of the Spheres!
Performance: 6th Singapore Lieder Festival – Shakespeare and Songs
Review Published: 31 Oct 2016
By: Chang Tou Liang, Straits Times



5th Singapore Lieder Festival 2015 – Songs from Home

5th lieder performance
Songs from Home with Yap Shing Min, Jennifer Lien, Ng Sheh Feng, Adrian Poon, Nicholas Loh, William Lim, Joanna Paul and Shane Thio


“At the core of The Sing Song Club is pianist Shane Thio, who performed in all 20 songs at Friday night’s opening concert. He maintained an utterly unflustered presence, giving generous support to the singers and perfectly capturing the essence of each song.”

Adrian Poon performed these new works. And very impressive he was too, speaking, singing and vocalising while interpreting a raft of wildly varying musical styles.”

5th lieder audience
Songs from Home – a sold out performance celebrating Singapore 50th Birthday


“In this fifth festival, The Sing Song Club gave us something altogether new. The music … undoubtedly showed that Singapore is evolving a musical genre which can stand proudly alongside the established repertory.”

Review: Local songs join ranks of established music
Performance: Fifth Singapore Lieder Festival – SONGS FROM HOME
Review Published: 19 Oct 2015
By: Marc Rochester, Straits Times

4th Singapore Lieder Festival 2014 – Songs to the Divine

“…curatorial approach to programming art songs by the Sing Song Club is as astonishingly exhaustive as it is unprecedented. This year’s theme is 100 English Composers, featuring 120 songs in English over six evenings, involving six singers and two pianists.”

“Pianist Shane Thio was his usual unflustered self, coping well with the multitudes of notes and sometimes even dominating the narrative while supporting the singers to the hilt. His appearance in five of the six concerts (100 songs in total) is a testament to his astounding ability to master new music in a very short span of time.”

Adrian Poon, had the most varied plate of the evening. His six songs delivered in succession included a psalm (Edmund Rubbra), a prayer (Cyril Rootham), a hymn (Clive Clarey), a popular song (John Rutter), culminating with the concert’s longest item, Benjamin Britten’s First Canticle, My Beloved Is Mine. Its intimations of love were whole-hearted and dramatic, yet comforted with a serene ending.”

Review: Wealth of talented voices
Performance: 4th Singapore Lieder Festival – SONGS TO THE DIVINE
Review published: 4 Oct 2014
By: Chang Tou Liang, Straits Times

3rd Singapore Lieder Festival 2013 – The Songs of Francis Poulence

Lieder Festival 2013

“One hundred and fifty-eight songs later, one was amazed at this labour of love mounted by the Sing Song Club…”

Review: Poulenc tribute a labour of love

Performance: 3rd Singapore Lieder Festival: The Songs of Francis Poulenc
Review published: 29 Oct 2013
By: Chang Tou Liang, Straits Times

1st Singapore Lieder Festival 2011

Lieder Festival 2011

“(Adrian Poon) burst the myth that these 24 songs could only be sung by one who is old and grizzled.  His youthfulness… was no impediment in the portrayal of world weariness and despair…As expected, his voice is also a youthful one, but one that can scale the heights of overwrought emotions yet plumb the depths of depressive troughs. Special care was paid to the dynamics, grace notes and all effort was made to colour each song differently.”

“Pianist Shane Thio… was an ideal partner, always sensitive and alert to the music’s shifts and swings.”

Lieder Festival 2011 - Shane and Adrian

Some reflections on Schubert’s Winterreiser

Performance: Singapore Lieder Festival @011
Review published: 22 Aug 2011
By: Chang Tou Liang, Pianomania

The Alphabet Series

Alphabet Series R

Tenor Poon has a fresh and youthful vitality, a natural ring to his voice that does not need to over-exert in order to communicate.”

Soprano Li is more of a stage diva, judging by her regular operatic roles, who can carry songs to shattering climaxes.”

R is for roses

R is for Roses / A review
Performance: The Alphabet series – R is for Roses
Review Published: 29 Sep 2015
By: Chang Tou Liang, pianomania
(also published on Straits Times as “Coming up roses“)

11 E for English Excursion




C for Children Cantillating




B is for Garden 1

Earlier recitals

Lost To The World

“The Sing Song Club is Singapore’s version of Britain’s renowned The Songmaker’s Almanac, with pianist Shane Thio being the local Graham Johnson, that indefatigable instigator of the most ambitious singing projects.”

03 Rebecca Li

“For sheer tonal beauty, it was hard to beat soprano Rebecca Li (above), whose petite frame also packed a poignant punch.”

Lost to the world / A review
Performance: Lost to the world
Review Published: 22 Dec 2011
By: Chang Tou Liang, piaonomania
(also published on Straits Times as “Sing Song Club in Fine Voice”)

Call me Georgia, Hon!
Performance: Call me Georgia, hon!
Review Published: 10 Sep 2010