About us

“One of the best kept secrets in Singapore’s music scene has to be concerts by The Sing Song Club, the nation’s premier exponent of the art song.”

The Straits Times, 29 September 2015

8 years, 28 recitals, 47 nights, overĀ 1000 songs performed

Sing Song Club Logo

The Sing Song Club is Singapore’s only art song collective, dedicated to bringing the rich and wonderful world of this much-neglected genre, through interesting and imaginative programming, to the Singapore public.

Founded in 2009 by local musicians Shane Thio and Adrian Poon, The Sing Song Club has produced numerous well-received and well-reviewed recitals, commissioned local composers to create local works and has premiered hundred of songs in Singapore.

Adrian Poon and Shane Thio

The Sing Song Club works with not only the best in Singapore, but also strives to involve young, upcoming talent in their concerts, nurturing and encouraging a new generation of local musicians.

The Sing Song Club initiated the annual Singapore Lieder Festival in 2011, curating groundbreaking performances such as the complete songs of Francis Poulenc in 2013, as well as the work of 100 English composers in 2014. The festival in 2015 saw the world premiere of new works by local composers specially composed for The Sing Song Club, and 2016’s festival will feature more world premiere of works by Kelly Tang, Zechariah Goh, and Liong Kit Yeng. The Sing Song Club’s ongoing Alphabet Series, a series of 26 innovative programmes, each based in one letter of the alphabet, has also garnered many positive reviews.

The Sing Song Club had been consistently performing over the past 8 years, with 28 recitals over 47 nights that saw more than 1000 songs shared with the audience.

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